New York City College of Technology

Steven Indelicato, Chairman
Vision Care Technology
300 Jay Street, P-312
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-260-5298
Program Website:
Program outcomes/statistics:

Phase: Accredited
Status: Accredited to 4/10/2024.  Accreditation extended for 6 months.

The following represent COA accreditation actions taken in the last six (6) years:

10/4/23         To accept the progress report and request a follow-up with an update on the NCLE pass rate.

3/22/23         To not accept Annual Report due to NCLE pass rate minimum performance standard not being met, placing program in Reporting Status.

4/14/22            To accept Annual Report

8/28/21            To accept progress report

3/21/21              To not accept AR until receipt of correct minimum performance expectations listed on program website as well as providing affiliations of Advisory Board members

9/20/20              To accept Progress and Annual Reports

5/26/20               To not accept Progress Report, pending submission of a plan to
address low state board pass rate
.                               To not accept Annual Report pending an action plan to address low
NCLE pass rates

9/21/19                To not accept Progress Report pending the submission of a plan to address ABO and   NCLE pass rates.  To offer helpful guidance on the plan.

9/21/19             An on-site visit on March 24-25, 2019 found full compliance with the Essentials of an Accredited Educational Program for Opticianry, the program in Vision Care Technology at New York City College of Technology received Reaffirmation of Accreditation for a period of six years.

3/24/19                Not to accept Annual Report, pending an explanation for state board pass rate.

3/18/18            To accept Annual Report

10/8/17            To extend accreditation period to spring of 2019 due to change in program director and move to new facility

4/2/17              To accept Annual Report

10/2/16            To accept Annual Report upon receipt of two additional pieces of information

3/13/16            To accept Annual Report