Commissioners: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Commissioners represent the Opticians Association of America (OAA), the National Academy of Opticianry (NAO), the National Federation of Opticianry Schools (NFOS), and the public. Each term is three years, and a Commissioner may serve no more than two consecutive terms. The terms begin on July 1, and expire on June 30 of the year listed.

Appointed by; Term #; Term Expires

Janet Alspaugh, B.S., LDO, ABOC, NCLC
NAO; 1; 2021
Durham Technical Community College

Lanard C. Atkins, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC
OAA; 1; 2020
Opticianry Program Director, Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Daniel Dull, Ed.D., COL USA Ret.
Public Member; 2; 2022
Training and Education Consultant

Cathy Evans, ABOC, FNAO
NAO; 2; 2020
Director of Ophthalmic Services at Pacific University College of Optometry

Kristina F. Green, MS ABOM, FCLSA
OAA; 1; 2022
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Tom Hicks,  BS, AAS, LDO, ABOC, NCLE, OAA, NAO;             Treasurer
OAA; 2; 2022
Oxford Opticians, Oxford, OH

Thomas Neff, BS, LDO, ABO-AC, NCLEC
NAO; 1; 2021
Hillsborough Community College

Douglas Nunes, RDO, ABOC, NCLC;                                                Chair
OAA; 1; 2020
Massachusetts Licensed Dispensing Optician

Liliana Mejia Rodriguez, LDO, BA, MA, ABOC, NCLC
NFOS; 1; 2021
Miami Dade Community College

Mary Seguiti, BA, LDO, ABOC, NCLE, NFOS                                Vice Chair
NFOS; 1; 2020
Hillsborough Community College Opticianry Program

Russ Tolar, ABOC, FNAO
NAO; 2; 2022
Training and Education Consultant