Celebrating Innovation, Originality and Creativity

On this page you will find examples of what some of the COA accredited Opticianry programs are doing.

Broward College

The Broward College Vision Care Clinic has implemented an electronic health records system to comply with HIPPA regulations. This format also provides students with advanced skills needed in today’s technological world.  Patients are required to complete consent forms using tablets, and all documents are uploaded to the main health record system and stored into the patient’s file. During the eye examination students are required to enter all patient data and findings for the Doctor to review and finalize.  This has improved the functionality of the clinic and reduced patient wait time.


Goodwin University in E. Hartford, Connecticut:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) classroom in Goodwin University’s Health Science building. Imagine an almost wall to ceiling white board, SmartBoard, unique table/desk settings, with large windows. The learning environment is flexible, encourages greater engagement and accessibility. 2020 is looking 20/20.