Goodwin University

Maryann Santos, Program Director
Vision Care Technology
403 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 06118
Phone: 860-727-6976
Program Website:

Phase: Accredited
Status: Accredited to 5/23/2022

The following represent COA accreditation actions taken in the last six (6) years:

5/26/20              To accept Annual Report

9/21/19                To accept plan to increase student retention.

3/24/19                Not to accept Annual Report, pending explanation for student retention.

3/18/18            To accept Annual Report with request for additional information

10/8/17          Having satisfied a potential compliance in II. Mission, Goals and Learning Objectives and VII. Continuing Program Evaluation and subsequently having been found in full compliance with the Essentials of an Accredited Educational Program for Opticianry, the program in Vision Care Technology at Goodwin University received Reaffirmation of Accreditation for a period of six years, retroactive to 5/23/16.

4/2/17              To accept Annual Report

10/2/16            To grant accreditation for 2 years based on remaining areas of deficiency